Wherever possible, please collect as much learner evidence that has been assessed, quality assured and completed to date, this evidence could be vital for any contingency plans that Agored Cymru make. Agored Cymru is working closely with our regulators to ensure a fair and consistent approach across all of our centres.

Can I continue to submit claims once learners have achieved?

Agored Cymru will continue to review and process claims as they are submitted.  Remote EQA activities will be carried out for any claims that require EQA prior to processing.

Will external quality assurance activities (EQA) still take place?

Agored Cymru are adapting the way in which quality assurance activities are carried out, and we want to reassure you that although physical visits will not be going ahead until further notice, Agored Cymru will continue to undertake remote EQA to ensure standards remain consistent within our centres. We already have mechanisms in place for external verification and moderation to be carried out remotely.   Our team of EQAs are contacting centre and making alternative arrangements if visits were booked prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

What if I am unable to access evidence for EQA purposes?

Agored Cymru will consider this on a case by case basis. Where learners’ assessed work and related records, including records of internal quality assurance, are available electronically these can be made available to our team. Alternatively, material can be sent by post or courier – assuming that these services remain available throughout the period of disruption.