Assessment 1. Planning Assessment: the assessor develops an Assessment plan detailing how each unit or qualification will be assessed. The internal verifier reviews and agrees the Assessment plan to ensure that it is fit for purpose... Go to page

Principles of Assessment

Principles of Assessment All Assessments must produce outcomes that are: valid: the Assessment evidence meets all Assessment criteria and all learning outcomes authentic: all the work is the learners own reliable: Assessment ... Go to page

Extraordinary Regulatory Framework

Regulatory Framework Sitting Assessments The appeals process related to calculated grades on the Access to Higher Education Diploma closed on 27 July. Learners can now chose to sit the Assessments for which calculated gra... Go to page

Access to Higher Education

in cases where grade profiles for Assessments before 20 March are not safely accessible? Judgements regarding grade estimations can only be based onavailable evidenceand centres are advised to ensure that appropriate levels of i... Go to page

Internal Quality Assurance

quality assurance checks that the Assessment process (i.e. from pre-course planning to the recommendation for the award of credit) is fit for purpose and is implemented accurately, fairly and consistently. The Process Internal Qu... Go to page


Get Skilled With Agored Cymru in 2019

Get Digital Are you ready for Assessment in the digital world? Do you want to make digital technology part of your Assessment practice? Lets get digital together and take the digital world head on. The Digital Assessor Ser... Go to news item

UK Qualification of the Year Award Winner

year. As the voice of the awarding and Assessment sector our focus is on supporting our members in a changing and challenging world and we will continue to represent their needs to government, their agencies and stakeholders throughout the... Go to news item

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