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Jo Creeden

Jo Creeden is Agored Cymru’s Director for Quality, Standards and Regulation. She joined Agored Cymru in September 2015.

Jo is responsible for ensuring that Agored Cymru is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.  This compliance extends to every one of our recognised centres and to the processes that we use as an Awarding Body and an Access Validating Agency. 

Jo is supported by a wider External Quality Assurance (EQA) team to monitor and support centres, and a dedicated officer who monitors all EQA activity, and provides professional development opportunities for practitioners.

Governance plays a vital role in the compliance of Agored Cymru with regulatory requirements.  Key to this is the Quality, Standards and Regulation Committee, and Jo is the lead Officer for the panel.

Jo is an accomplished education consultant with a career spanning over 30 years in assessment and quality assurance. During her career Jo has held various roles, including Regulation and Qualifications Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Accreditation Manager, Staff Development Manager, Adult Community Learning Coordinator, Head of Training and Delivery, Lead Internal Quality Assurance and Assessor.

Jo's particular area of expertise is assessment and Quality Assurance policy and practice within pre-entry to Level 7.