This phase of the review process takes place twice a year starting in February and August and lasts for three months. See the schedule for individual cohort dates.

At the start of the consultation phase, each centre will receive a communication that specifies the units on its framework that are within cohorts to be reviewed.

During this phase centres need to return the ‘form’ stating the fitness for purpose or the amendments required to ensure the unit is fit for purpose. As forms are received the units in review cohorts on the website will be updated with the comments/indication of who has responded and if amendments are proposed. At the end of the consultation phase any unit that a form has not been received for will be expired in the July of the following year. A centre will have to develop a new unit and charges will apply.


Centres need to complete this form for each unit they wish to be kept or amended. If feedback is not received for a unit then it will be expired and a centre will have to develop a new unit and charges will apply.

Cohort Closing Date of Consultation
Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy 30/04/2019
Community & Volunteer Work 30/04/2019
Sociology 30/04/2019
Substance Misuse and Alcohol Awareness 30/04/2019
Taster Courses 30/04/2019
Utilities 30/04/2019
Youth Work 30/04/2019