This phase of the review process follows the consultation phase and lasts for three months. See the schedule for individual cohort dates.

During this period, we will develop new units where requested in the consultation phase. As new units are developed they will be added to the relevant cohort.

Centres must contact us if they need to discuss the propose result of a unit or would like to be involved in the amendment or drafting of replacement units. If a centre is satisfied with the proposed approval/amendment/expiry of a unit then they do not need to do anything.

During this phase, units are allocated one of the following classifications.

APPROVE: Approve. The unit has been deemed by one or more centres as being fit for purpose, current and the content appropriate for the level and credit.

EXPIRE: Not fit for purpose. The unit has been deemed not fit for purpose - the reason for this will be displayed in the comments. It will be stated if a new unit is being developed to replace it.

EXPIRE: No feedback received. Feedback has not been received to indicate if the unit is fit for purpose. As no feedback has been received the unit will expire and a centre will have to develop a new unit and charges will apply.


Centres can read the comments for each unit by clicking on the relevant cohort below.

Cohort Closing Date of Consultation
Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy 30/04/2019
Community & Volunteer Work 30/04/2019
Sociology 30/04/2019
Substance Misuse and Alcohol Awareness 30/04/2019
Taster Courses 30/04/2019
Utilities 30/04/2019
Youth Work 30/04/2019