Units within review cohorts on the table below have been allocated either an 'Expire' or 'Approve' status.

Any expired unit will be available to register learners against up until the 31st July of the following year. Learners cannot be registered on these units after this date. Units with an expire status will appear with a red background on centre frameworks.

Approved units have been extended. These units will be allocated a new review date. This is usually 5 years from the date of publication. Units with an approve status will appear with a green background on centre frameworks.

Replacement Units/New Units

Centres need to add replacement units and new units to their frameworks.

This is not done automatically.

Amendments to Units

Centres who wish to amend other units outside the review process need to contact the Business Development team.


View the results of each unit by clicking on the cohort.

The ‘notes’ column gives details for the rationale for expiry or approval and details of amendments and alternative new units available.

Last date for learner registration
(end of the month)
Art July 2019
Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering July 2019
Craft July 2019
Environmental Management July 2019
Essential Skills - Communication July 2019
Essential Skills - Numeracy July 2019
History, Religion and Culture July 2019
Psychology July 2019
Retail July 2019
Science & Mathematics July 2019
Social Policy & Social Work July 2019
Sport, Recreation & Training July 2019
Transport July 2019
Travel, Leisure & Tourism July 2019
Vehicle Maintenance July 2019