Agored Cymru's underpinning principals are to ensure fairness to learners, maintain the integrity and credibility of qualifications, and to ensure the safe and secure certification of our qualifications.

Therefore, Agored Cymru will issue results to as many learners as possible so that they can progress to the next stage of their lives without further disruption. This applies to learners who would have expected to have completed their assessments and/or received certificates between 20th March and the end of July 2020.

To achieve this, during the summer 2020, Agored Cymru will award qualifications by either calculating results; adapting assessments; or, where neither approach is appropriate, and only as a last resort, delaying assessments until centres re-open.

Learners on most qualifications that lead to progression to higher or further education will receive a calculated result this summer.  Calculated results will draw appropriately on a range of evidence, depending on the structure of the qualification. They may be based in part on teacher, trainer or tutor judgements of what result each learner would most likely have achieved had they been able to complete their assessments in summer 2020. Each centre assessment decision will be based on a range of evidence held by the centre.

Centre application process for a calculated result

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Agored Cymru has produced information and guidance to help our centres come to appropriate judgements in line with the Vocational and Technical Qualifications (VTQ) COVID-19 Extraordinary Regulatory Framework. The Agored Cymru Principles for Calculation – Vocational Qualifications can be accessed here.

Centres are required to fully and accurately complete an application for estimation form.   

Where centres have registered learners against a full qualification which is in scope for the estimation process, Agored Cymru will provide the centre with a learner intelligence spreadsheet for the calculation of learner results. This spreadsheet will list the registered learners against the qualification and the units. Wherever possible, we will prepopulate columns within this spreadsheet to reduce burden on our centres. On receipt of the spreadsheet, centres must complete the required calculation information and return to Agored Cymru.

The Head of Centre will be required to confirm that the centre assessment results are a true representation of learner performance by signing and returning the declaration form. If the Head of Centre is unavailable to do this, they may delegate this duty to the Quality Assurance Manager.

Centre checklist

  1. Complete and return the application for estimation form
  2. On receipt of the learner intelligence spreadsheet – complete, check and submit
  3. Sign and return the Head of Centre declaration

Centres must submit completed documentation by selecting the upload type ‘Applications for Estimation’ on the Upload page of the Secure File Transfer area of the website. Please submit all completed documentation no later than Friday 12th June 2020.

Learners working towards individual units

Some centres may have registered their learners against a range of individual units and not against a qualification. However, the combination of units may result in the serendipitous award of a full qualification. In this instance, centres are encouraged to contact Agored Cymru promptly. If the qualification is classed as a Category 1 qualification (qualifications where the primary use is progression to HE/FE) a calculated result will apply. This does not apply to units that do not sit within any regulated qualification.

Centre Support

Each centre will be assigned a member of Agored Cymru`s quality team as a single point of contact.  This will ensure efficient and clear communication and each centre should liaise with their named contact if they encounter difficulties in providing the information that is required.

Weekly centre webinars are available for all Agored Cymru centres. In addition, targeted webinars are available for specific qualifications and for specific types of centres.

One-to-one meetings are available to all Agored Cymru centres as required.  Should the centre wish to speak to any member of the Agored Cymru management team then this should be arranged through the named Agored Cymru contact.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. The team at Agored Cymru are here to support our centres and learners. Please email us at Our Quality Team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns relating to the delivery and assessment of our qualifications.