Date of implementation: 1 August 2019

Centre Charges for Members



Centre recognition for new centres



A non-refundable standard fee is charged for the centre recognition process and will be invoiced at the beginning of the process. Additional charges may be applied where further support from Agored Cymru is required to achieve compliance. This charge is instead of the annual fee for recognised centres in the first year of working with us.

Annual fee for recognised centres


The annual fee is chargeable to all approved centres. This allows centres to:

  • maintain their recognition status
  • deliver accredited units and qualifications
  • access curriculum advice
  • access scheduled and bespoke training
  • receive external quality assurance (EQA)
  • access customer service support


Learner-related charges



Credit charge


All credits that are achieved will be invoiced. Please contact your allocated Centre Manager for details of any bespoke packages we can offer your particular centre.

Minimum activity charge for all centres


Equates to approx 176 credits. Payable in advance (August 2019).

Full qualifications

Individual qualification charges available on request.


Access to Higher Education Diploma

£140.00 per registration

All learners to be confirmed within 6 weeks of course start date.
Late learner registration (42 calendar days after the course start date, or later)  £45.00 per learner plus registration fee (AHE Diploma)
Late amendment to unit selection (84 calendar days after the course start date or later) £100.00 per program run / cohort (AHE Diploma)
Changes to the award of credit and / or unit grades after certification £50.00 (AHE Diploma)
Appeal (not charged if upheld) £50.00 (AHE Diploma)
Additional remote EQAssurance Activity (as a result of level 2 sanction) £80.00 (AHE Diploma)
Additional on site EQA activity (as a result of level 2 sanction) £250.00 (AHE Diploma)

Late submission of awards

£10.00 per course run

An award is considered to be late if the claim is received more than 6 months (182 days) after the end date of a course.

Course runs (where the course run requires manual input by the Agored Cymru team).


Charge per run

Replacement certificate








Scheduled training courses

Newly recognised centres

4 free spaces are available across the following courses, within the first 12 months of becoming a recognised centre:

  • Introduction to Assessment
  • Introduction to Internal Quality Assurance

Programme to be published separately.

Scheduled training courses/ additional support

Recognised centres

The following support is free of charge to any recognised centre:

  • Induction for New Centres
  • Introduction to Administration Processes
  • Breakfast briefings
  • Centre network meetings

All other Training and CPD events will be charged at the advertised rate – please see website for details.

All training charges will be payable up front to avoid disputes over cancellations or substitutions.


Cancellation fee

Minimum charge of £50 per delegate for non attendance at any free event.

There will be no refund where courses are charged at £50 per person.

Occasionally, circumstances will arise that result in the need to cancel, reschedule or postpone an event, due to an unforeseen occurrence.

Agored Cymru reserves the right to cancel courses when unforeseen circumstances arise.


All other courses 

Attendees will receive a 50% refund when a cancellation is made no later than 10 working days prior to the event.

There will be no refunds where a cancellation is received less than 10 working days prior to the event, or for non attendance.

In this circumstance, all delegates will be refunded or reallocated a place in the rescheduled event.

Requested training courses


If you would like training delivered on your premises, please contact to discuss:



Other centre charges




Approval of new units

Price per unit

Please contact your allocated Centre Manager for a quote.


Additional external quality assurance

Per half day

£200.00 plus travel and subsistence.

For the provision of additional support to maintain recognised centre status.

Project work / consultation


Fee to be negotiated.


Quality Mark


Individual quotes available.