The 2019/20 academic year was an unprecedented time for everyone involved in the delivery and assessment of qualifications and needed significant collaboration between centres and awarding bodies.

Agored Cymru would like to express its sincere thanks to its recognised centres for all the hard work that they undertook to facilitate the applied mitigations to support learners between the March to July period.

As we start the new academic year  the Covid-19 pandemic continues. The Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (EERF) builds on the Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (ERF)  that was implemented over the summer. We are currently collaborating with other awarding bodies and our regulators to finalise required mitigations which will facilitate the delivery and assessment of learners, should there be further interruptions such as localised lockdowns during the autumn and winter. It is our intention to continue to support centres and to ensure that assessment outcomes are reliable and valid in order to protect the integrity of our qualifications.

Agored Cymru has no intention to use calculated assessment grades (CAGs) in the 2020/2021 academic year. We will shortly provide guidance to centres and further opportunities for discussions through webinars to clarify how our mitigations will operate under the EERF.

In the meantime, centres should consider:

  • Effective methods of delivery and assessment which will ensure that formative evidence is clearly captured to support assessment decisions
  • Reviewing how they will mitigate the risk of their learners not compiling sufficient evidence
  • ‘Banking’ completed units. Our VQ qualifications are unitised, centres should consider recording informal assessment upon completion of each unit. It is recommended that unit delivery is systematic with summative evidence being captured progressively as each unit is completed.
  • Implementing the practice of cumulative informal assessment. This will enable a focussed and reliable indication of learner progress towards achievement and underpin progress with valid and reliable indicators.