Qualification Groups for Other

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening (Wales)

Accounting and Finance for International Students

Adult Mental Health First Aid (Wales)

Assistant Bowel Screening Practitioners

Assistant Practitioners for Cataract Surgery (Wales)

Assisting Coastal School

Assisting Forest School

Bacterial and Viral Infections Related to Drug Use

Business and Management for International Students

Christian Theology

Clinical Coding (Wales)

Clinical Imaging Support (Wales)

Co-ordinating an Outdoor Curriculum

Coaching and Mentoring in Newborn Hearing Screening

Complex Care Support

Computing and Cyber Security for International Students

Cycle Instructor Training

Delivering Dynamic Playwork Training

Dental Nursing (Wales)

Diabetic Eye Grading (Wales)

Diabetic Eye Photography (Wales)

Digital Application Support

Digital Learning Practitioners

Digital Skills for Business

Emergency Care Support Wales

Emergency Nursing (Associate of Faculty of Emergency Nursing)

Engineering for International Students

Expert Practitioners in Inspiring Skills

Exploring Worldviews

Fundamentals of Ophthalmology (Wales)

Health Informatics

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Reflective Practice

Healthcare Science

Independent Living Skills

Leading Coastal School

Leading Forest and Coastal School

Leading Forest School

Learning in the Outdoors

Learning Support for Children and Young People who have Additional Learning Needs

Managing Holiday Play Schemes in Wales


Mental Health Peer Mentoring

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning Pedagogy

Outdoor Learning Practice

Outdoor Play Practice

Perioperative Practice (Scrub Pathway) (Wales)

Playwork Practice

Playwork: Principles into Practice

Primary Care Administration and Reception

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Public Health Wales Young Ambassadors

Rehabilitation Support (Wales)

Religious Education: Growing in Virtue and Religious Literacy

Restorative Approaches

Skills for Further Study

Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) Administration (Wales)

the Principles and Operations of Drones (small unmanned aircraft)

the Royal College of Nursing Cadet Programme

Therapy Assistant Practitioners

Trade Union Health and Safety Representatives

Trade Union Representatives

Transition to Playwork

Understanding Safeguarding

Volunteering in the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Sector

Wellbeing in Nature Practitioners

Work-based Horticulture

Working with Parents and Carers to Develop Parenting Skills

Youth Achievement (Bronze)

Youth Achievement (Gold)

Youth Achievement (Platinum)

Youth Achievement (Silver)

Youth Achievement (Youth Challenge)

Youth Mental Health First Aid (Wales)

Youth Work Practice (Wales)

Youth Work Principles (Wales)