in these three areas enhance the employability skills of the learner. What is employability? employability consists of two strands: Core employability Skill Set We believe that an individual should possess a core employa... Go to page

Essential Skills for Learners

Literacy Skills (EDLS) Essential employability Skills (EES) Essential Skills for Work and Life (ESfWL) Bespoke Units We also offer a range of bespoke communication and numeracy units. These are not part of a qualification bu... Go to page

Essential Skills Wales

Digital Literacy Skills Essential employability Skills Essential Skills for Work and Life Opportunities are now available for the remote invigilation of the confirmatory test componentfor Essential Communication Skills and Ess... Go to page

Work Related Education

empower young people to develop their employability skills through the qualifications. This means that young people are ready for the demands of the workplace and employers have employees that meet their standards and expectations. Qual... Go to page


Literacy Skills (EDLS) Essential employability Skills (EES) Employee Rights and Responsibilities Although these important skills do not currently require accreditation, they still need to be evidenced as part of an apprenti... Go to page

Essential Employability Skills

Essential employability Skills The Entry 3 toLevel 3 Essential employability Skills qualifications consist of four main subject areas: Planning and Organisation Creativity and Innovation Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Pe... Go to page


New Chief Executive Appointed

skills, build aspirations and improve employability across Wales through lifelong learning I feel extremely privileged to be taking the lead and to be working with a great team and Board of Governors, driving our organisation forward... Go to news item

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