Learners are allowed only one resubmission of work that fails to meet the requirements of the associated learning outcomes and assessment criteria of a unit.

However, centres can recommend that a learner is allowed a second resubmission opportunity via the referral process.

Referrals can also be made for learners who have submitted work after the deadline and have failed to meet one or more of the associated learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Application Process

Referrals must be made using the referral form that must be uploaded via secure file transfer once completed. For full details regarding to the regulations associated with the referral process,  please see section C of QAA's grading scheme handbook, annex C2.

All referrals will be considered by the referral panel. The panel consists of a minimum of three Agored Cymru representatives including the Director for Quality , Standards and Regulation , the Access to Higher Education Manager and the centre's lead external verifier.

We will communicate the outcomes of the referral panel to the centre’s quality assurance contact and Acess to HE Coordinator within 10 working days of receipt of the referral.


Further Information

Contact Victor Morgan, Agored Cymru Access to HE Manager.