Access to Higher Education Registrations 2021-22

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), the regulator for the Access to Higher Education (AHE) Diploma, has implemented a change to the requirements associated with learner registration. The period of learner registration for Agored Cymru AHE Diplomas is 42 days (end of week 6 from the start date of a programme).



  • Learners undertaking any AHE Diploma, whatever their mode of study, must be registered and certificated for units to a maximum of 60 credits.
  • Centres must ensure that registrations are submitted to Agored Cymru within 42 days of the start date of the course on which learners are enrolled (first day of attendance including induction period).
  • Learners who join the course after the prescribed first day of attendance must each be registered on an additional programme  run (as a distinct cohort) that includes their specific start date from which the 42 day registration period will apply.
  • Learners must register against units to the value of 60 credits by the end of week six. Amendments to unit registrations can be requested up until the end of week 12 or before the learner makes a formal application to a higher education course through UCAS or any other application process, whichever date occurs first.
  • Centres will be charged for any approved changes to registrations outside of the stated registration period. See charges 2021-2022 for information.
  • Guidelines
  • Credit transfer / RPL application form


Registration deadline

In order to comply with the QAA requirement to register learners on AHE Diplomas against all units to the value of 60 credits within 6 weeks of their start date, centres must submit registrations no later than 11th October 2021. This applies a universal start date of 31st August 2021. Learners who enrol late must be registered on a separate programme run. 



A registration fee will be charged soon after registration.


Amendments to Registered Units

Centres will not normally be permitted to amend registrations. Agored Cymru will consider any exceptional circumstances. Requests must be submitted using the Request to Amend Registrations form and sent to Centres will be charged for all approved registrations outside the stated registration period.

For further information read the guidance.