From 2017 the Access to Higher Education Diploma joins other qualifications in becoming part of the recently revised UCAS Tariff points system. Learners completing the Diploma from 2017 will acquire UCAS point for the first time.

Although the Tariff has been available for a number of years for various qualifications, from the 2017 admissions cycle it will be based upon a revised system in which the size and grading system attached to qualifications will be used to calculate points.

Centres and learners are advised to review the UCAS Tariff table, page 110 for full details, but the table below provides some examples of Access to Higher Education grade profiles against the Tariff points they will generate.

Grade credit profile:
number of credits at each grade
Tariff Points A Level Tariff
point examples
Distinction Merit Pass    
45 0 0 144 AAA
30 15 0 128 ABB
15 30 0 112 BBC
0 45 0 96 CCC
15 15 15 96 CCC
0 15 30 64 DDE (or two grade
C A-levels)
0 0 45 48 EEE (or single
A grade A-level)

It may be useful to for Access to HE centres and learners to view this video regarding the UCAS tariff and the Access to HE Diploma.